Seth Sentry – Simple Game (My Fan Made Music Video)

Music, Music Video

I made this for a University Project that asked us to “remediate” an existing piece of media, that is remix, mashup and repackage some existing media to make it something altogether different. I decided to add visuals to my favourite track¬†from Melbourne MC Seth Sentry’s debut, “The Waiter Minute EP”,

Being a Uni project we had to watch out for copyright infringement, and so I challenged myself to only use media licensed via an appropriate Creative Commons license.

I together the visuals from two short films shared under a CCBY lisence, and wove together to create an ambiguous yet compelling narrative.:
This Day from James Hollins https://vimeo.com/45214144
Courbes from Indigo Production https://vimeo.com/97409396

Short visuals are also taken from the following shared to Vimeo under a CCBY license:
The Way to Wealth: Bumper from Long Hollow Creative https://vimeo.com/27396128
Canon EOS M Video: New York City from Chad Soriano https://vimeo.com/55604121
3D CGI Watch Designs from John Harwood https://vimeo.com/39727354
Finally stock video footage from https://videos.pexels.com/ is used under a CC0 license