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About Me

I’m Stevie Marshall:

  • Loving partner to a very talented, smart and beautiful visual artist and tattooist who makes my heart race whenever I’m near her
  • Father of two awesome boys, who I’m trying to ensure grow into loving, respectful, responsible and integral men
  • I try to be a genuine friend to some of the most smart, funny, supportive and loving people that I’ve ever met, they know who they are
  • Student, currently half way through a Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications) at Curtin University studying online through Open Universities Australia
  • Proud Australian, and proud Melbournian. I consider myself a patriot, but definitely not a nationalist: I love this place and believe that the most loving thing I can do for it is fight to make it better
  • Culturally engaged, I believe that we can do better as a species than what we do now. I believe we can live substainably and in harmony with our environment and those we share it with. I try to work towards that outcome.
  • 40 years-old, though I’m better at acting like I’m in my 20s now than when I was in my 20s
  • Music lover, not a musician, though I always wished I was. I used to be a DJ, can read music and have had limited success learning to play the keyboard and creating beats. I tried to style myself as a vocalist and front man once-upon-a-time, but decided to concentrate my efforts towards supporting those with real talent.
    I keep myself believing I’m younger than I am by listening to new music. Genre-wise I currently listen to a lot of electronica and hip-hop, though I grew up on alternative rock and love anything that’s genuine or innovative. I get along to as much live music as I can and support the local scene.
  • Disciple of pop culture. I love the Internet and what it’s done for media and culture, although I’m acutely aware of the dangers of losing ourselves. I love the way media can manipulate how we feel and change us on a fundamental level
  • Web and multimedia designer, remixer and creator. I fiddle with HTML, CSS and CMSs. I edit image, video and audio. I dabble in videography, photography and cinematography
  • Tech head, I completed a Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering and once styled myself as a computer and audio technician, but I discovered that when one turns a passion into a job, the passion becomes work. I still love to mod, repair and fiddle with hardware, and I’m passionate about knowing these machines that transform our lives on an intimate level

About This Site

I’ve had this domain for a long time. I like the title, I think it works on multiple level, I like the connotation of relating debate as a weapon and yes, I love the silly little pun, it’s a reminder that using words as weapons is a bit of a wank. I’ve always considered the ideal place for a blog.

I started making it into a political blog a while ago, I wanted to use it to try to change the world, but researching and writing about politics was frustrating and all too often heart breaking, and so I never got there. The end of the first verse of ‘Growing Up’ by Macklem0re goes like this:

“Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love
And do it every day
Do that for the rest of your life
And eventually, the world will change”

And so this is going to be a place for me to discuss the things I love. It’d be awesome if some day it evolved into something more than that, with an engaged community and multiple writers, but for now I’ll work from here.

You’ll see lots of posts about music and other contemporary media. I plan on writing reviews of my favourite media, they won’t be traditional reviews with star ratings and what have you, they’ll be researched explorations into the media.

You’ll also likely see posts about technology, society, the environment, relationships and anything else which may strike my fancy. A lot of what ends up here will be adaptations of stuff I do for school and I have a lot of stuff I’ve written in the past that I’d like to give a home. There also could be podcasts, videos and lots more stuff, so watch this space.

Ultimately, this isn’t about me, it’s about putting something out there and seeing what comes back. So please comment if you feel you’ve got something to say and hit me up if you’d like me to home any of your creativity here. This is the Weapon of Mass Debate after all.